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Hearing Assistance During Mass

Bellarmine Chapel has both standalone traditional Hearing Aid devices and a wireless audio system that can connect to your Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid through your phone.

Bluetooth Hearing Aids - AudioFetch

If you have a Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid that connects to your phone, you can utilize Bellarmine Chapel’s AudioFetch system. AudioFetch is a free app for your cell phone. You can find it by searching “AudioFetch” in your phone’s App Store, or by clicking these links for the iPhone App Store or for the Google Play Store.

Your phone must be connected to the “Bellarmine Chapel Accessibility” Wi-Fi network to use AudioFetch. This Wi-Fi network has no password.

  1. Connect to the Bellarmine Chapel Accessibility Wi-Fi Network.
  2. Ensure your Bluetooth hearing aid is connected to your phone
    • Tip: you can also used wired earbuds or even wireless headphones if you do not have a Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid.
  3. Open the AudioFetch App on your phone.
  4. Select the “HEAR” channel (short for hearing aid)
  5. Listen to Mass!

If you encounter difficulties using AudioFetch, consider asking a tech-savvy parishioner for help or ask a member of the parish staff for assistance.

Traditional Hearing Aids

Traditional hearing assistance devices (which resemble a handheld radio with an earpiece) are available by the sound board at the back of the sanctuary. Please ask a member of the parish staff for assistance.