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Active Discipleship

Forming Active Disciples

Faith Formation for all ages has a goal to form active disciples who grow into their baptismal call to proclaim and live the Gospel. We call one another to intentionally go deeper as disciples through every aspect of our parish life. As an Ignatian parish, we encourage one another to live in the dynamic “flow” from contemplation to action and from action back to contemplation. Imagine a “mobius strip” with contemplation at one end, action at another; the space in-between could be named “experience” and “reflection.” We cultivate a culture where every community member is aware and committed to reflecting on their action, leading to prayer, reflection, and acts of mercy, love, and justice. 

We question, How is God calling me through my action into new ways of praying; how is God leading me through contemplation to take new action? We encourage one another to Take just one next step, choose one next prayer practice, and decide to do one next action. We provide various opportunities to learn new prayer practices and step into new kinds of action. 

Each month, we invite a parish community member to witness or testify their experience of this “flow” into and out of contemplation and action as active disciples. Take a few minutes to listen and be inspired. After listening to these witnesses, take a moment to pray our Active Discipleship prayer.


Active Discipleship Prayer

God who makes us a new creation, we count on your grace as we strive to live out the teaching and example of Jesus Christ. As we daily commit to rooting our lives in prayer, contemplation, action, and mission, may your Holy Spirit transform us into your faithful disciples. Nourish us at the table of the Eucharist, serving those in need, working for justice, and welcoming all with love. Continue to inspire us to become a growing community of active disciples. Amen.