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Opportunities for Family Prayer

There are many ways to practice daily and weekly prayer at home. We invite you to find the most engaging and meaningful practices for your family by bringing prayer rituals into your home.

Ritual at Home – Suggestions for Creating a Family Prayer Space

Suggestions for your space would be a candle, rosary, cross, bible, a cloth and maybe a plant. Families with younger children might consider a battery powered candle so they can join in the process of lighting it when they want to pray on their own.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Spotify playlists of sacred/liturgical music for the home
  • Ideas for celebrating saints’ days
  • A “traveling candle” among all families in a faith formation class

2 prayer spaces from our catechists include: a favorite chair and blanket, candles, books, including a bible, a cross and prayer cards.

Examen PK-2nd Grade

Examen 3rd-6th Grade