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Director of Marriage Ministries


Position Title: Parish Family Director of Marriage Ministries for St. Xavier Church and St. Robert Bellarmine Chapel

Status: Full- time, Exempt, 12 month

Reports to: Pastor



The primary objectives of this position are to provide leadership and administration of marriage ministries, to accompany couples in the preparation process for the sacrament of marriage, to recruit and support teams to provide these ministries, and to provide some direct care.




1. Collaborates with parish staff in providing leadership to the parishes for Marriage Ministries

  • Collaborates in the shaping of a parish vision that includes attention to marriage ministries.
  • Consults with the parish staff and ministry teams to set long and short-term goals for Marriage Ministries.
  • Develops and applies priorities and directions to Marriage Ministries as stated in the Parish Mission Statements.

2. Insures the support services of communication and financial planning for designated areas of responsibility

  • Administers funds, keeps financial records as needed, reviews costs and tracks marriage ministries and wedding expenditures.
  • Ensures, in collaboration with the Director of Communications, methods of communication for programs to parishioners, parish groups, local organizations and community, as needed.

3. Manages and oversees the parish procedures of marriage and wedding preparation, including scheduling, record keeping, and fee collection.

4. Develops, empowers, and coordinates ministers and service teams to provide quality ministry to the parishes.

5. Participates in parish staff meetings, staff retreats, and other scheduled staff events.

6. Other duties as assigned by the Pastor.



1. Sacramental preparation

  • Manages and administers the parish and archdiocesan procedures and guidelines of marriage and wedding preparation.
  • Recruits, provides training and ongoing support for a team of FOCCUS facilitators, ensuring their pastoral skills and competency for administering the tool with couples.
  • Communicates regularly with couples throughout the process of marriage preparation to support them in fulfilling the required steps.
  • Coordinates, schedules and collaborates with wedding sacristans, ministers and, when necessary, wedding coordinators.
  • Leads sacramental interviews with individuals as needed.
  • Provides or directs others in marriage preparation as needed.

2. Retreat Management

  • Collaborates in facilitating bimonthly Pre-Cana Retreats at St. Xavier Church.
  • Recruits, trains, and supports teams for biannual Engaged Couples Retreats at St. Robert Bellarmine Church.

3. Marriage Enrichment

  • Provides leadership and support for the Marriage Enrichment Team at Bellarmine Chapel
  • Guides the team in implementing the elements of the Pastoral Plan for Marriage Enrichment at Bellarmine Chapel
  • Initiates visioning and planning process to provide Marriage Enrichment Ministry at St. Xavier Church.
  • Develops initiatives in collaboration with parish ministry leaders to integrate couples into the life of the parishes.

4. Administration

  • Schedules wedding preparation and wedding presiding with priests of both parishes
  • Oversees the administration of the FOCCUS compatibility survey to include maintaining facilitators’ credentials and payment credits.
  • Manages registration of couples for bimonthly Pre Cana Retreats at St. Xavier, including fee collection; coordinating attendees with Myers Briggs registration; obtaining speakers payment checks; ensuring hospitality; ensures parking fees are available for participants.
  • Manages registration of couples for biannual Engaged Couples Retreats at St. Robert Bellarmine, including fee collection, etc.
  • Maintains the accuracy and effectiveness of the parish policy manual for marriages and for all required documentation.
  • Assists visiting clergy and helps facilitate Pre-Cana preparation, rehearsal, and wedding ceremony; also assists to ensure clergy are properly licensed.




1. The effective candidate for this position demonstrates proficiency in the following:

  • Group facilitation and consulting skills.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Active listening or counseling skills.
  • Oral and written communication skills.
  • Practice an active faith life with a personal relationship with Jesus.
  • Ability to work with others in a collaborative style.
  • Some experience and responsibility in the area of marriage ministry.
  • Ability to develop and administer programs to meet assessed needs.
  • Maintain knowledge of current Church theology.
  • Understanding and competence with collaborative management skills.
  • Maintain professional knowledge of current pastoral, spiritual, psychological, ecclesiastical and management techniques through reading, attending workshops and doing research to provide appropriate direction to the ministry groups.
  • Provide flexibility and adaptability in the scope of this position.



  • College degree or equivalent preferred
  • Experience working in Catholic parishes preferred
  • Leadership with groups or organizations
  • Supervision of volunteers



This full time position requires some evenings and weekends and regular personal presence in the workings of the parish offices.

Employees of St. Xavier Church and St. Robert Bellarmine Chapel will have knowledge of the Catholic faith, a willingness to work for a Catholic, faith-based agency and adhere to the policies of St. Xavier Church and St. Robert Bellarmine parishes. Employees will not publicly oppose the teachings of the Catholic faith nor publicly advocate for any position in conflict with Catholic teaching, or the specific positions of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati or the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. This requirement includes any public speech, demonstration or writing, including the use of social media or other digital technologies.

To apply for this position, please send your resume and cover letter to Mary Stutler

Updated August 17, 2023